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Our Story:

We are Credit Union People at Our Core.

Plexcity was formed in the true spirit of collaboration by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, Maryland & District of Columbia Credit Union Association, and New Jersey Credit Union Association. By embracing cooperative principles, they formed a new shared-services cooperative to aggregate their back-office operations. The business plan was built on the idea that Plexcity would serve professional associations, Credit Unions, Credit Union Service Organizations, and small businesses.

Plexcity's leadership team engaged in a meeting around a conference table with laptops, looking towards the camera with friendly smiles.

Since its launch in 2015, Plexcity has more than tripled in size with 36 employees and more than $6.0 million in annual revenues. Our cooperative has grown from servicing three credit union associations to dozens of organizations. No one knows credit union associations like Plexcity. Built by leagues and powered by staff with extensive league expertise, Plexcity is your best partner for back-office support.

Our Vision:

We proactively empower our clients to focus exclusively on their mission by leading Back-Office Excellence.

How We Get the Job Done

“It’s all in the bag.”

Tony Kitt and Haley DaVee pose in front of the Plexcity - innovative association solutions logo

This statement shines a light on Plexcity’s commitment to mastering the art of integration, ensuring that each component—human expertise, operational efficiencies, and technological advancements—harmonizes to support the overarching goal of enhancing the credit union industry and its partners.

Our Values:

Four interconnected hexagons with the words Collaboration, Efficiency, Focus on Clients, and Cooperation, representing Plexcity's core values.
  • Collaboration: Plexcity emphasizes working together with shared resources to achieve common objectives.
  • Efficiency: Plexcity provides unparalleled strategic advantages through shared collaboration, allowing organizations to improve efficiency and cut costs.
  • Focus on Clients: Every step is optimized, every service improved upon, and every process engineered for overall client success.
  • Cooperation: Plexcity works effectively and respectfully with diverse people and teams, builds consensus in decision making, and assumes shared responsibility for collaborative work.

Plexcity proudly follows the highest standards of data security and privacy, being fully SOC and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliant.

Two hexagonal badges with the left badge reading 'SOC 1® Type II Certified' and the right badge displaying 'Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliant' with an eagle emblem, representing Plexcity's commitment to rigorous financial reporting and consumer financial privacy standards.

Featured Success Story

Five stars rating displayed, representing excellent customer feedback for our IT services.

“Plexcity focuses on our back-office operations so we can focus on our core business – our members. They have been an extremely valuable partner to the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.”

Larry Palochik, Executive Vice President | California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Our Client Promise

Every step is optimized, every service improved upon, and every process engineered for your overall success.

Signed by the Plexcity Team

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