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Plexcity accountant meticulously analyzing financial reports for precision in finance services.

Accounting and Finance

Expert financial management awaits with our Accounting and Finance services, delivering precision and clarity to empower your organization’s economic growth.

Two Plexcity IT professionals collaborating on a computer, enhancing a member's solution.

Information Technology

Elevate your operational efficiency with our robust Information Technology solutions, tailored to keep you ahead in a digitally-driven marketplace.

Open hand holding transparent figures, symbolizing Plexcity's HR support and team growth.

Human Resources

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our Human Resources expertise, fostering a culture of growth and satisfaction for every team member.

Smiling Plexcity payroll specialist extending a paycheck, ensuring accurate employee compensation.


Optimize payroll with our services for timely, accurate employee compensation and seamless financial strategy integration.

Less focus on tasks, more on mission.

From Credit Unions to Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) and Credit Union Leagues — we take on processes and projects so you can be more mission focused.

Our Vision: We proactively empower our clients to focus exclusively on their mission by leading Back-Office Excellence.

Our Client Promise

Every step is optimized, every service improved upon, and every process engineered for your overall success.

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