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Our Priority:

Powering the Credit Union Industry and Its Partners.

We built Plexcity’s IT team with experts from the credit union industry to specifically support credit unions and the organizations that aid them. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the credit union industry. This is precisely why our clients choose us: we have developed a solution that successfully combines strategy, people, processes, and technology.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Customized for credit unions, credit union organizations and credit union leagues.

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  • VOIP Phone System Support on our provided platform: Reliable communication solutions leveraging cloud technology.
  • Internet Service Provider Management: Ensuring stable and high-speed internet connectivity, crucial for cloud-based operations.
  • Domain Name Service Management: Managing domain names effectively, essential for cloud service accessibility.
  • Network Infrastructure Support including hardware and software: Comprehensive support, aligning with the reduced need for physical infrastructure in cloud environments.
  • Vendor Management (equipment procurement and contract negotiation): Strategic services that become more focused on cloud service providers and less on physical equipment procurement.
  • Remote Support through Secure Access: Immediate IT assistance that’s enhanced by cloud-based tools and platforms.
  • Remote Device Support: Support for a variety of devices, crucial for a cloud environment where access is device-agnostic.
  • Security Profile Management and Consulting: Tailored security strategies, especially important in cloud computing to protect data across multiple platforms.
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Review: Ensuring cybersecurity measures are comprehensive in cloud-based operations.
  • Security Awareness Training & Testing: Critical for educating teams on the unique cybersecurity challenges posed by cloud computing.
  • End User Support including workstations and mobile devices: Ensuring smooth operation across all user devices, which is key in a cloud-based environment.
  • Software Development (In-House Use): Developing custom cloud solutions or integrating existing cloud services.
  • Offsite Data Storage: Utilizing cloud platforms for secure, scalable data storage solutions.
  • Migration to Cloud-Based Services on our provided platform (Salesforce/NFE/Azure): Facilitating seamless transitions to enhance flexibility and scalability.
  • Data Center Management: Focused on managing cloud data centers effectively.
  • Database Management (AMS/CRM): We manage cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems designed to enhance consumer interactions and optimize relational databases.

  • Business Analysis: From selection through implementation, we help you find the tools to empower your processes and maintain strategic focus.
  • Maintain and grow: Leverage applications to attract and retain members & finding innovative ways to add value for members.

Our Approach: Tailored Technology

Stay Secure, Choose Plexcity.

At Plexcity, we prioritize predictable financial planning that aligns with your organizational needs. Our commitment is to elevate the quality of your services, solutions, capabilities, and support, all the while enhancing your security measures with thorough prevention, detection, response, and compliance strategies.

We excel in offering precise and timely technology forecasting, planning, budgeting, and implementation. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your technology infrastructure not only meets current demands but is also poised to adapt to future challenges and opportunities, keeping you a step ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How We Get the Job Done

Our team leverages Microsoft Azure/Office 365 for robust cloud solutions, DATTO for critical data protection, and KnowBe4 for top-notch security training.

Logos of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Datto, and KnowBe4 displayed in a row on a gradient background, indicating technology solutions used by Plexcity for cloud services, office productivity, data backup, and cybersecurity training.

Plexcity proudly follows the highest standards of data security and privacy, being fully SOC and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliant.

Two hexagonal badges with the left badge reading 'SOC 1® Type II Certified' and the right badge displaying 'Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliant' with an eagle emblem, representing Plexcity's commitment to rigorous financial reporting and consumer financial privacy standards.

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud based technology enables organizations to rapidly increase or decrease their IT infrastructure costs as quickly as their business needs change. Plexcity’s partnership with Microsoft and their suite of cloud based delivery solutions puts Plexcity’s IT strategy in alignment to provide our clients the ability to quickly shift and remodel without major technology disruptions.

In a nutshell, the cloud-based service delivery ensures you have access to your day-to-day desktop applications to include Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online, and the Azure Cloud +6….

The Plexcity IT Team, a group of five professionals, is smiling and standing confidently in front of a sign featuring the Plexcity logo with the tagline 'Innovative association solutions'. They are uniformly dressed in dark blue polo shirts with the Plexcity logo, projecting a cohesive and professional team image.

Featured Success Story

Five stars rating displayed, representing excellent customer feedback for our IT services.

“We are pleased to become a new client and member owner in Plexcity. This provides us more time focusing on our members while strengthening our operations.”

Juan Fernandez Ceballos, CEO | Louisiana Credit Union League

Our Client Promise

Every step is optimized, every service improved upon, and every process engineered for your overall success.

Signed by the Plexcity Team

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